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De Addiction Centre in Kangra

De Addiction Centre In Kangra For Alcohol

Addiction of any kind is harmful. Almost everyone wants to get rid of addiction, but it is not an easy task because the body of a person who is addicted to drugs does not allow it. Trying to quit intoxication, such after-effects are seen on the body that the person again turns towards intoxication. How to leave the bad addiction and move on in your normal life? Jeevan AAS De Addiction Center in Kangra For Drug and Alcohol provides the best treatment to combat mental illness.

If you are an alcoholic or are suffering from addiction due to drug use, then Jeevan AAS De Addiction Center In Kangra is the only good option for you that will save your life and prolong your life.

Thousands and millions of people all over the world and in India have got their life back to life after getting their treatment at the Jeevan AAS Rehab Center and have got their life back on track once again.

Addiction, be it of any kind of thing, only harms you and becomes your weakness. Recovering from any kind of addiction requires a lot of support from both family and treatment center.

To cure a person suffering from drug addiction, his family has an important role, because if the victim suffers the most problems while intoxicated, then it is his family.

In such a situation, the family and the person suffering from drugs have to be very patient. It takes a long time for a person suffering from addiction to fully recover and this time can be from several months to years. Drugs take away life from a human being and restoring life is not an easy task.

Once the abuser recovers, he is most supportive and grateful to his family members, considering himself lucky to have such good family members.

No matter how difficult the situation, one should never give up and always hope to bring about a positive change in their life and for an addict or a drug addict, there should be a good Jeevan AAS Rehabilitation Center in Kangra For Alcohol.

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Drug De Addiction

What is Addiction and how does it become a problem

Addiction is a chronic, recurrent disease. This causes long-lasting chemical changes in the brain, which do not allow the addiction to go away. Jeevan AAS rehabilitation center in Kangra provides therapy for alcohol and drugs because addiction means that the mind becomes addicted to that drug. It is not only affected your physical and mental health, but it is also not good for your social and economic status. Addiction can lead to behavioral problems. Lack of control over oneself, weak memory, no control over one's actions, taking unnecessary risks are the problems associated with addiction.

How Does Intoxication Affect The Brain?

Although every drug is different in itself, its effect on the brain is the same. There is a circuit in the brain called the reward pathway. When the brain is excited, it releases a chemical called dopamine. A person feels pleasure when dopamine is released. Almost all drugs of addiction show this kind of effect on the brain, which is why people quickly become addicted to drugs.

In severe cases, prolonged use of a drug can have a permanent effect on the brain. This effect can last for many years even after quitting the drug. This is the reason that even after years of giving up the drug, there is a possibility of a person getting caught again in the clutches of drugs.

Why Do Some People Get Addicted?

Like many other diseases, it happens in the case of drug addiction that some people easily fall prey to it, while some people do not. People at higher risk are also more likely to become addicted to drugs. Some people have protective factors that do not allow them to become addicted to drugs. However, there is no single factor that can explain whether a person will be addicted to drugs or not.

Our Specialized Treatment at Jeevan AAS Rehab Center in Kangra

Jeevan AAS de-addiction center in Kangra for drugs can be treated just like chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension. Addiction, like sugar and BP, is also a chronic and recurring disease. It takes a long time to get rid of the addiction and to avoid the recurrence of this addiction. Even after giving up the drug, the changes in the brain affect for a long time. However, addiction is also like hypertension, which requires long-term treatment, medications, and lifestyle changes. Let us know how the treatment is done to get rid of addiction.


Detoxification is the first step to getting rid of addiction. Under this, every piece of intoxicant present in your body has to be removed and the craving has to be removed. In 80 percent of the cases, the treatment is done to suppress the urge to re-intoxicate. If a person is intoxicated with more than one thing, then he has to take medicine to reduce the withdrawal symptoms for the same number of things.

Looking For The Best De Addiction Centre in Kangra

In the beginning, the addict is only against his family members, so he should be forced to be admitted to Jeevan AAS De Addiction Centre in Kangra.

Jeevan AAS Rehab Centers have their own rules and controls, once the addict is there, they know better than all of you what to do with the victim.

There are many programs to correct the victim and gradually the person's mental and physical abilities increase.

If you are looking for the best De Addiction Centre in Kangra for Drug, Jeevan AAS rehab centers are a very good option. Where you can give new life to the patient by getting him admitted.

Jeevan AAS Nasha Mukti Kendra, Kangra(Himachal)

Location – Kangra (Himachal)

Second Branch – Kapurthala (Punjab)

Recovery Rate – 8.6%

Jeevan AAS Nasha Mukti Kendra located in Kangra has been able to improve the most number of drug addicts in India. The staff, director, and SOD (Lakbhir Singh) here help the most in providing proper treatment to the victims.

The real strength of the center and the greatest influence in rectifying the addicted youth is the Guruji who has devoted almost his entire life to the cause of social welfare.

List of Some Programs of Jeevan AAS Drug Rehab Center In Kangra

  • 12 Steps Of NA
  • A.A. and MA Meeting
  • Alcoholism Treatment
  • Corporate Program
  • Detoxification
  • Drug Addiction Treatment
  • Family Counseling
  • International
  • Luxury
  • De-addiction Center Occupational Therapy
  • Substance Abuse Counseling
  • Yoga and Meditation